About Us

Our Purpose

Conceptualized by leading South Indian actress - Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Pratyusha Support has started its services in February 2014. Since then, we have been serving the underprivileged by delivering some unparalleled medical support to women and children, while fulfilling wishes of those children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions. We have been closely working with our partnered hospitals, Rainbow, Continental, Livlife, Ankura and Andhra Hospitals in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states primarily. Apart from this, our associations with WAP Foundation and Meenakshi Mission Hospital based at Bangalore, Karnataka and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, respectively, have helped us partner in organizing some free medical camps, including an eye surgery camp for 50 underprivileged elderly people. Organizing free medical check-up campaigns, free child vaccination campaigns, blood donation camps, awareness programmes and helping families financially overcome severe situations and medical crisis have been our primary services.

Sponsor A Child

Pratyusha Support is now officially associated with an orphanage named Pyaram Vijaya Bharathi Vidya Sagar Charitable trust located in Nadargul village, Ranga Reddy District of Telangana. Founded in the year 2008, hosting just 2 kids with 5 rooms initially, by Mr. Vidya Sagar along with some of his good and like-minded friends and socialists, today shelters about 28 children, both boys and girls. Right from providing food, clothing, shelter, education and all primary necessities for its children, the orphanage is now looking at accommodating more needy children with the help of Pratyusha Support.

Seshanka Binesh, Manager- Pratyusha Support and one of the trustees of the orphanage along with the other trustees, have been striving hard since years, to give shape to the future of these 28 beautiful souls. You could now join hands with Pratyusha Support and become a part of this wonderful journey, a cause which offers shelter to the orphans, by sponsoring atleast Rs.1200 per month, which could suffice expenses fulfilling the primary necessities like food, clothing, education and shelter, of a child for a month. Your generous contribution could serve as a source of living to many more of such unfortunate children.

About the Founder

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a popular film personality and a social worker is the founder of this organization. Pratyusha Support is her attempt to do something for the society which gave her unexpected love and joy at times she needed the most.

Samantha's Story

"Happiness is giving than receiving. Pratyusha means new dawn, it's a thought of self realization that I had when I was dull and down with a severe illness. When you are an actor and a star, you receive so much love from everyone. It automatically becomes our duty to do something in return for the people who made us such big personalities. God has been kind to me and I consider it as his blessing that he chose me to do something for Him and the people. Through Pratyusha Support, I genuinely want to make a small difference in this unjust society."

About the Cofounder

Dr. Manjula Anagani, a leading laparoscopic surgeon, obstetrician, gynecologist and an infertility specialist in South India, has been a primary part of Pratyusha Support and its activities right from the beginning. Popularly known for starting a group 'Trend Setters', to spread awareness on child abuse and health education for adolescent children, Dr. Manjula Anagani puts her knowledge and experience in analyzing and choosing critical medical cases and picking up children to be treated. She serves as a front runner for Pratyusha Support in hosting health awareness camps and enlightening women and children of all ages on various social and technical issues.

About Team Pratyusha Support

’Teamwork is the secret that enables someone or something achieve remarkable results’’, and this has worked well for us at Pratyusha Support. Front-run by the General Manager, Mrs. Seshanka Binesh, a Masters holder in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences from London and an active socialist, Pratyusha Support has in just above 3 years of its incorporation, achieved some exceptional recognition as an NGO with high spirits. Seshanka with the guidance of the founders and the support of her team of volunteers has initiated and organized numerous health and awareness camps for Pratyusha Support and has served in picking up several cases of children with critical ailments. Representatives of our partners including hospitals, charitable organizations, other NGO’s and the volunteers who have participated in our various camps and helped us generate funds, including our NRI friends, constitute and represent the wider Pratyusha community. We welcome each of you like-minded and warm-hearted souls to join our team as a volunteer and play your bit towards this generous cause.